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A 180 On Fats For Healthy Weight and Heart After decades of bad data on cholesterol and good fats, Americans are waking up to a profound new reality about their health benefits.

For over fifty years, fats have been targeted by mainstream outlets as the enemy as a prime contributor to heart disease. There has been particular emphasis on reducing cholesterol by eliminating saturated fats. In response, butter was replaced with margarine, skim or low-fat milk was recommended over whole milk, canola oil was glorified, and eggs […]

Inflammation—At the Root of Cardiovascular Disease Heart attack and stroke caused by inflammation, not atherosclerosis, is key to research findings and prevention.

Many patients have heard me say “inflammation is the precipice of all disease”, and that’s true for everything, including cardiovascular disease (CVD). Functional medicine practitioners have known this for years, and now conventional medicine is finally realizing it too. The shift away from atherosclerosis (the accumulation of fatty deposits on the inner walls of arteries […]

Probiotics for a Healthy Intestinal Tract… and More? Learn the popular science being unearthed by researchers about the gut microbiome, and how to nurture it to prevent dysbiosis and disease.

Probiotics first rose to popularity in the 1990s, and have been recommended for good health as fermented foods since ancient times. And while research into the modern concept of improving gut health with certain bacteria only began in 1907, it has led to the knowledge we currently have about probiotics and their impact on the […]

Heart Disease Risk: The Latest On Cholesterol Learn the flawed methodology used to increasingly prescribe statin drugs and why the true culprit (or culprits) often remains undiagnosed.

Cholesterol has been vilified for years as the top contributor to cardiovascular disease (CVD) and chronic heart disease (CHD), to the point where lowering that number has practically become a national obsession. The medical community’s answer to this is to prescribe statin medications, like Lipitor, which have dangerous, sometimes permanent side effects. This obsession comes […]