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See what the doctor has to say.

Answers to Listener LIVE Event Questions

These are a handful of questions to come up during the original launch of the 5 pound challenge with answers from Dr Pucci.

How to Sleep Soundly, Boost Detoxification and Dream Big

Toxins in our environment are worrying for how they affect us, and yet our capacity to detoxify is among our body’s greatest achievements.

Why Our Brains Love Routine

New healthy habits that produce weight loss don't just simply drop into our laps, they happen because we've made a few tweaks and established new norms.

Stress Belly and Hormonal Weight Gain

A lot can be done to transition gracefully into each phase of adulthood for women—and men—by gaining a foothold against stress and managing hormones.

A More Efficient Gut Ecology for Weight Loss

By increasing water, fiber, and fats, our intestinal microbiome can begin to turn our guts (and bodies) into fat-burning machines.

Why Dieting Won’t Work for Weight Loss

Creating a frame of mind for healthy weight and a personal challenge to yield lasting results.