Dr Pucci


A Message from Dr Pucci

Welcome to my clinic and thank you for reaching out and making a connection; it is said that every journey, even a 1000 mile journey, starts with a first step. A first one for me to provide you some Functional Medicine basics, and for you to fill me in on your background. The more I understand about you and the better we communicate, the better our results will be with you.

Before reading on, please watch my (1-minute) Welcome video below…

A sequence of emails is already making its way toward you. Please check your inbox as this is where we’ll communicate Functional Medicine to you and the process for Getting Started.

Before our Strategy Session, I’d need you to fill me in on your background, and then to provide me with data that we can use to sketch out your Personal Health History Timeline and build out your new Success Path Forward. This step is crucial for effective goal setting and communication.

1. Start collecting your records
2. Watch your inbox for emails that:

  • Ask you to confirm your request
  • Invite you to Practice Better
  • Ask you to complete our forms

Please call the office and Cynthia, my Onboarding Specialist & Office Manager, will walk through this with you: (201) 261-5430

I look forward to working with you and seeing you soon (online or in person!),

—Dr Pucci