Root Cause Checklists

Congratulations, you’ve taken the next step!

The purpose of each checklist is to walk you through the systems of the body sleuthing for clues. Simply download each one, beginning with the Metabolic Assessment Form and complete your answers.

You can return via email to or fax to (201) 261-0972.

  • Metabolic Assessment Form [MAF] – This one is about your body’s metabolism. It looks at all the components of your digestive tract, including the supporting systems that are essential to the production of energy: electrolytes, adrenals, thyroid, blood sugar metabolism and hormones
  • Neurological Assessment Form [NAF] – This one is about locating areas of fatigue in any one of the regions in the brain. The brain is an energy-demanding organ that fatigues when negatively affected by body-wide metabolic insufficiencies. When gut function is poor it impacts brain function!
  • Brain Health and Nutrition Assessment Form [BHNAF] –  This one digs a little deeper into what fuels the brain and keeps it happy: blood sugar, oxygen, and neurotransmitters.
Metabolic Assessment

This form addresses your body’s chemical processes, digestion and overall balance.

Neurological Assessment

This form looks into your body’s nervous system, brain and muscle function.

Brain Health & Nutrition Assessment

This form offers an overall picture of your brain health and general nutrition.