Covid Webinar

Oradell NJ – Dr Pucci discusses the major difference between typical vaccines that utilize inactivated germs to invade cells and the mRNA Coronovirus vaccine, dispelling several of the myths surrounding the current Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. Watch the complete replay, here.

Answers to All Your Questions About Getting Vaccinated for Covid-19

Dr Pucci takes an inside look at what we know about the science of the coronavirus vaccine…

We fielded plenty of questions in the last few weeks to generate enough interest for a webinar about our thoughts on the coronavirus vaccine.

Should I vaccinate? Can I refuse to vaccinate? Can I get a letter from you to not vaccinate? How safe is the vaccine? Should I be worried about the vaccine if I have underlying autoimmune disease? I had coronavirus, should I get vaccinated? Are the coronavirus strains mutating too quickly for the vaccine to be effective? Is one vaccine better than the other? Dr Pucci, I’m not an anti-vaxxer but I’m concerned about putting toxins into my body? I’m worried that if I don’t receive a vaccine I’ll be left out of a return to normal life. Can you explain the mRNA vaccine? How is this different from other vaccines? Could this vaccine become part of our genetic code? Where do I go to receive a vaccination? Is the vaccine stable, and if not, does the instability cause less efficacy? Will I need another vaccine in 120 days? What about next year?